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jeffriedystudiosbclogo My whole life has been about meeting challenges, and I bring that attitude to jeff riedy studios, where we'll meet and exceed your expectations. I've never waited for somebody else to get something done. When I've been told that something didn't exist, I recreated the wheel. Through life's tests, I've acquired a few unique but interconnected skills, my "toolbox" shall we say. I've used my voice to express my mind, program radio, and sell product, and I'm sure I can speak for you or your product. Conceptually, I've always used my eyes to capture an image, a color, or a mood. With a good eye for framing, I have learned to use a video camera to tell a story in a different way ... all up there on the screen. I can sell a product, expose a condition or public concern, and can even create a documentary when a subject warrants. Blessed with artistic hands and many years of construction experience, I've put those skills to work on set for Theater and Film, and can certainly help with your Stage & Screen needs. So it's with this toolbox of skills that I have created jeff riedy studios, engaging those talents to offer expressive communications.

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